Photo by Uggi Kaldan

Member of:   DSF - Danish actors association

                     US  - Association of Independent Artists, Denmark

                     DFK - The free choreographers, Denmark

Choreographic Experience

Acoustic in a loop, collaboration with Jakob Høgsbro, work in progress, Helsingbrogs stadsteater 2012

Secret Sylvia (Fobia studie#2) work in progress. Paladium, Malmö

Sisters choreographic collaboration with Harakiri Farmers/PL, Sanja Maier-Hasagic NL/BiH and Kirstine Ilum , Düsseldorf 2010 & Zagreb 2011

Fobia Studies#1 December 2010, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen and Palladium, Malmö

MaMa, Collaboration with Marek Zawalski, Junge Hunde, Århus -november 2010, Inkonst, Malmö December 2010

Luftfabrikken, Musicon, Roskilde, Denmark May 2010

Pause. Prøvehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark. Premiered May 2009 on tour 2010/11

This is how my parents met. Uppercut Dance theatre January 2009

Jesus Christ Superstar. Theatregroup Gorgerne, Portalen, Copenhagen 2006

Fitter, Happier... Oure dance company 2005

Ekko. Oure Dance company. National tour (Schools), Denmark 2005

It Dosen´t Happen. An installation performance in collaboration with artist Lea Porsager, Copenhagen 2005

On the other side. Dansescenen, Copenhagen 2004

Riddle. Oure Dance company National tour (schools) Denmark 2004

Beat It. made for 50 students of Oure international Sports college 2004

Søde restriktioner. Made for the dance Group. ROA-dans, regional tour, denmark 2003

Not on my feet. Made for the dance group Roa-dans 2002

3in1. Final Choreographic project NSCD, Later performed by The Dance group Roa-dans 2002

Professional Dance/Performance Experience

Sisters by Harakiri Farmers/PL choreographic collaboration, Düsseldorf 2010 & Zagreb 2011

FUBAR by Mute-Comp physical theatre 2011

MaMa by Kirstine Ilum and Marek Zawalski 2010

CIFFKIDS (fashionweek Cph) -by Jesper Krüger/PIVOT dance company 2010

Spring Roll by Malin Skoglund/Rörelsen 2010

IDORU by André Gingras 2009 International touring

Madeleines Madteater/food theatre 2009/10

PAUSE by Kirstine Ilum 2009

Chromosomnia by Jelena Kostic 2009

Adamas Wonderland (The Devils lover) by Tore Munch 2008

The Autopsy Project By André Gingras. International Touring 2007 - 2010

Hypertopia By André Gingras. international touring 2007 - 2010

City of angels by Louise Seloy & Thomas Malling. Uppercut Dancetheatre. International touring 2008 - 2009

The Lindenmeyer System by André Gingras International touring 2004 - 2009

My Fairytale by Flemming Enevold, David Parsons & Stephen Schwartz. Gladsaxe theatre, Cph, Denmark 2005-2006

The Sience Theatre, Copenhagen university. 2006

On the Other side by Kirstine Ilum, Dansescenen, Copenhagen 2004

glimt by Louise Seloy, Dansescenen, Copenhagen 2003

Taxic by André gingras for the company Anurekha Ghosh&co. National tour UK 2003

2 melting moments by Anurekha Ghosh. National Uk-tour 2003

Training and Education

Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, England. Ba-hons in Contemporary Dance & Choreography. 1999-2002

Linnéuniversitete, Växjö. Project management. 2011

Workshop with Lloyd Newson DV8, Copenhagen 2010

Dance for Screen with Jacob Stage, Copenhagen 2010

Chinese Pole training as a part of the production Idoru with Foucauld Faguerolle, Holland 2009

Directing and dramaturgy module 1+2 with Vibeke Wrede, Odsherred Teaterskole 2008

David Zambrano, Masterclass, Copenhagen Dance seminar 2008

Body Control Pilates Teacher training DK/UK 2008-2009

Parkour training as a part of the productionsThe Autopsy Project & Idoru with Henk Strijdhaftig, Holland. 2007-2009

David Parsons Dance company, intensive sommer seminar. New York City 2006

Dance for screen with Liu Chun, workshop, Gothenburg 2006

Capoeira/Playing the extremes with Bruno Cerverna, as a part of the production The Lindenmeyer System Holland 2003

Capoeira training, Capoeira Norte, Leeds, England. 2001

Oure International Sportscollege, Dance academy. 1998-1999

Gymnastic training 1985-1998

Professional teaching experience

Ballet Akademien Gothenburg, professional education 2009 - ongoing

Danscentrum syd, Malmö, proffesional classes 2010 -ongoing

Danscentrum väst, Gothenburg, proffesional classes 2008 - ongoing

Shanghai Dance academy, China. Teaching repetoire for Uppercut Dance theatre. 2008

Dansens hus, Copenhagen. Proffesional classes 2008

André Gingras, Teaching Repetoire workshops/auditions for the company 2004 -2010

The Frida Halqvist studio of pilates, Copenhagen, pilates and pulsing pilates

Solar plexus Wellness center, Copenhagen. Pilates 2008 - ongoing

Copenhagen dance school, Modern floor class. 2007

Lene Hansson wellness center Copenhagen. Pilates 2007-2008

Personal trainer for Danish singer Sanne Salomonsen. 2005

Oure International sportscollege - dance academy. Modern floor and Cunningham, Choreography, improvisation, Yoga and

pilates 2003-2005

Danish Gymnstics and sportsassoctiation. sommer seminars and workshops modern floor technique 2003-2007

Education on tour, Showdance, improvisation & Choreography. Berlin 2005